Central Library, GIMT

The Central Library of Global Institute of Management & Technology was established along with the establishment of college in 2009 to provide the students containing latest edition of the publications related to the curriculum. Since then, the Library has increased its strength to live up to the expectation to its users. This library is closed access academic library.

It is well-equipped with all modern facilities and resources in the form of CD-ROM, books and journals etc. The library is committed to provide a world class information support to its users. A well–stacked library containing all the latest editions of the publications related to the curriculum enables the students to enhance their knowledge in different topics and subjects taught in their courses. It is truly knowledge–hub of the College.

There is a separate reference section for faculty & staff for study purpose. All reference materials including Books, Handbooks, Encyclopedias, Different project reports, seminar proceedings, Printed Journals, old WBUT questions are kept for reference carefully. Library have also separate reading section for the students where they can study or refer any library materials such as old questions, magazines, journals & newspapers during the library hours.

Our college is the life member of The Institution of Engineers, India (IEI) as a member we are entitled of all publications of IEI regularly and have an access to use their Central Library.

Collection of Books:

The Library has developed an excellent collection of Books, Journals & other non book materials. Total no. of books in the library has now gone up to 31,455 with 1451 no. of titles (As on Feb 2020). There are different discipline books like Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Science, and Civil Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Environment Science, English Communication, Management and others are available in the library. Stream-wise details given below:

B.Tech Section:

Sr. Course/Stream No. of Titles Volumes
1 Electronics Engg. 186 4343
2 Civil Engg. 221 5577
3 Electrical Engg. 161 3798
4 Mechanical Engg. 246 5948
5 Computer Sc. 166 2924
6 Science & Humanities
A English 66 1140
B Chemistry 46 461
C Environment. 31 538
D Math 181 3699
E Physics 85 1450
F Management 41 1176
G Economics 11 320
H Others 10 81
Total 1451 31455

From 2014 academic session diploma in CE & ME have been introduced so a separate section for diploma students has been created in the library comprising with the following stock:

Diploma Section (As on Feb 2020)

Sr. Subject No. of Titles Volumes
1 Mechanical Engg. 20 620
2 Computer Sc. 1 131
3 Civil Engg. 13 477
4 Electrical Engg. 5 229
5 Electronics Engg. 3 62
6 Science & Humanities
A English 4 344
B Chemistry 3 271
C Math 3 272
D Economics & Accountancy 1 131
Total 56 2809


Library shall remain open from 10:00 A.M. to 05:00 P.M. on every working day (Monday to Friday).

No students will be allowed in the library without college uniform.

All students and faculty members shall access the Library during the working hours. During the Library access everyone should follow the under-mentioned rules:

Ethnical behaviour and integrity

Everybody must register their identity in the Log-book.

Sanctity of library should be respected by maintaining silence in and around library premises and to facilitate other members.

The Librarian/concerned person shall be consulted for proper access of Reference Books/Journals/ Magazines/ CD etc.

Access of On-line journals/OPACC shall be available on prior approval of the Librarian/concerned authority.

Library Membership Card to be issued to all the members (Faculty, Staff & students). Books can be borrowed only upon producing own valid institute identity card.

At the end of each semester i.e., after the semester exam is over (Odd & Even), students and faculty/staff members must deposit books issued under their cards for stock verification/maintenance of books, otherwise a fine as per rule shall be imposed. Faculty/Staff members can re-issue the books very soon.

All students shall be eligible to borrow 06(six) nos. of books at a time.

Out of the 06(six) nos. of books, 05(five) nos. of books are to be issued against Book Bank for each semester.

01(one) no. of book must be exchanged after 30 days.

All books borrowed (both Book Bank and General) must be returned within 10 days from the last day of Semester Examination, failing which fine shall be imposed as per Rule.

All Faculty Members, Technical Assistants and Other Staff Members shall be eligible to borrow 10(ten) nos. of books at a time for each semester.

A fine of Rs.5.00 per day per book shall be levied if the books are not being returned within due date/schedule. If the due date falls on any holiday, then the books must be returned on the very next working day; otherwise fine shall be imposed as per Rule.

In case of loss of book(s), borrowers can replace with a fresh copy of the same book failing which, he/she has to pay the amount of the recorded price of the book.

No current issue of Journal/Periodical/Seminar Proceedings/Conference Proceedings/ Standard Specifications etc. shall be issued.

Reference materials viz., Handbooks, Encyclopedia, Manuals, Atlases, Tables etc. shall not be issued for take away.

Any Reference material(s) or other materials available with the Library can be referred in the Library during Library hours.

Staff Details :

Sr. Name Designation Experience
1 Niladri Ch. Das Librarian 16 yrs
2 Asish Kr. Bhattacharya Asst. Librarian 42 yrs
3 Subhendu Pramanick Sorter 10 yrs