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 About Electronics & Communication Department:

Since the establishment of the GIMT, Electronics and Communication Engineering Department has been consistently working towards the goal of creating a good lab based teaching environment to produce skilled students in their relevant subject and motivating them towards higher studies & research program. The Department has revamped and replenished its curriculum and course structure to keep pace with the present day needs of the Electronics associated with the industries and research in the country at large.

The Department is basically centered on five different technical laboratories which play the role of nuclei. Keeping in line with fast changing technology, the department has well designed class rooms, and well equipped advanced laboratories in an independent block. The following are the laboratories in dept of Electronics & Communication Engineering.

  • Basic & Analog Electronics Laboratory
  • Communication Engineering Laboratory
  • Digital & Microprocessor Laboratory
  • Design & Simulation Laboratory
  • EM Wave & Microwave Laboratory

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Laboratory Details

Basic & Analog Electronics Laboratory

This lab consist of Basic Electronics & Analog Electronics where students can get introductory laboratory knowledge & overviews about different basic electronics instruments and can perform 20 different experiments using Trainer Kit and also using Bread Board & circuit components like Resistor, Capacitor, Diode, Transformer, Transistor, JFET, MOSFET, OPAMP, Timer-555, Logic Gates, CRO, DSO, Multimeters , Function Generators & Power Supply e.t.c for measuring, testing.

Communication Engineering Laboratory

In this lab, Analog Communication, Digital Communication & Advanced Communication labs are conducted. In Analog Communication Lab students can understand about several communication system like Radio, T.V., AM, FM, Multiplexing, Spectrum Analyzer etc. and their different signals, operation, process & techniques using different trainer kits. Digital Communication Lab provides exposure on PAM, PCM, PWM, ASK, FSK, PSK, CDMA, PN Code, Spread Spectrum, and Line Coding Techniques. Whereas Advanced Communication Lab equipped with trainer of Bluetooth, Wireless LAN and optical Fiber for observing different properties of them. Sufficient no of Spectrum Analyzer & DSO are accessible for observing spectrum in Time and frequency domain accurately.

Digital & Microprocessor Laboratory

This Lab relates the students to the digital world of modern era where Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab and Digital Electronics Lab are carried out simultaneously. Different Logic like Gates, Adder, subtractor, Multiplexer, Encoder, Flip Flop, Register, Counter BCD encoder can be performed using advanced different trainer kits as well as by connecting ICs on bread Board. Moreover students can implement several real life problem based Digital Logic, project using Microprocessor-8085 & 8086, Microcontroller-8051 and their peripherals like 8255-I,8255-II, 8253,8259 etc.

Design & Simulation Laboratory

The heart of the ECE lab is this Design & Simulation Lab where students are always involved in developing different electronics projects & circuits using hundreds of different electronics components & advanced instruments which are already available. The laboratory equipped with adequate number of Project Development Boards, Soldering Rod for PCB conations, Chip Burner and Tester and Different ICs. Digital Signal Processing, Signal & System, Solid State Device, Circuit Design & VLSI lab are performed alternatively where students can design and simulate different problem using different software like MATLAB, PSPICE, CIRCUIT MAKER, LASI, XILINX, and TANNER SPICE. Highly sophisticated hardware like DSP processors, FPGA, CPLD are also available for digital system implementation.

EM Wave & Microwave Laboratory

EM Theory & Transmission Line Lab and Microwave Lab are scheduled in this highly advanced equipped lab where students gain the knowledge about the basic operation and radiation patterrn by different antennas like Horn, Dipole, Monopole, Yagi-Uda & Parabolic Antenna. TDR trainer is available for the measurement of VSWR, Reflection Coefficient and Length & Fault of the coaxial Cable at different Load type. Full set up of Reflex Klystron Bench, Gunn Diode Bench, Dielectric Slab, Magic Tee, Frequency Meter Power Meter and VSWR meter in X Band range are there to perform various experiment on Microwave.

Faculties & Staffs

eceThe department has well qualified staff and aims at educating and training students with sound knowledge and awareness in the latest trends in electronics and communication Engineering. The experienced and efficient faculties from different field have succeeded in keeping a lively atmosphere among the students with innovative teaching techniques and real life problem based project and researches. The teaching is closely coupled with the research activities in diverse aspects of Electronics like Wireless Network, Communication, Optical Fiber, Mechatronics, Soft Computing and Bio-Informatics.

Others Activities

eceThe other important features of the department are: organizing workshop (Robotics Workshop - 2014 in association with Magniva Technology & IIT Kharagpur) & conference, individual counseling of students for academic improvement, theme based mini projects at lower semesters, lab based teaching & learning techniques and guiding them for GATE exams.

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List of Faculties
Sl No Name Designation E-mail ID Photo
1 Sudip Mandal Assistant Professor & HOD
2 Dipankar Saha Assistant Professor
3 Nailanjan Mukhopadhaya Assistant Professor
4 Pijush Dutta Assistant Professor
5 Saswati Se Assistant Professor
6 Mr. Subhrajit Sinha Roy Assistant Professor
7 Rajkumar Samanta Technical Assistant

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