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 Applied Science & Humanities (AS&H):

Engineering Mathematics: 
Mathematics is undoubtedly the mother of all sciences. No inventions till date have taken place without the help of mathematics. Engineering without mathematics is just like a ship without a rudder. We are proud to be teachers of Engineering Mathematics in “Global Institute of Management and Technology”. Mathematics department consists of highly experienced and student friendly faculties. The objective of GIMT is to try to create interest among the students so that they develop liking for the subject. Apart from the scheduled classes, we also have the facility of tutorial classes in the weekend where we try to clear any doubts of the students. Besides this, students are always welcome to consult their respected teachers regarding any problems. As per the WBUT syllabus 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th semesters have engineering mathematics and in higher semester, engineering mathematics is there as an elective subject. Students under this department are given assignments throughout the year for their continuous evaluation. Surprise tests are also conducted every month to assess the students’ performance better.

Engineering Physics: 

The division of physics is well equipped with highly qualified experienced and senior faculty members. The students have to attend both theory and practical classes as per norms of the WBUT. The practical classes are taken in small groups and the students are so trained that they can work on their experiment by themselves. The entire practical syllabus is completed well in advance so that the students have sufficient time at their disposal for revision. All sorts of assignments and questions are solved in theory classes regularly. Students can also meet the faculty members for discussing their academic problems. The laboratory is well equipped with all kinds of experimental arrangements such as Lande’g factor apparatus, Half-Coeff apparatus, Stefan’s constant apparatus, and optical arrangements etc. as prescribed by WBUT. Short term unit tests and additional viva-voce tests are conducted regularly both in theory and practical experiments to enhance the understanding of the students. The University results are highly satisfactory. Every student can have benefit to sufficient member of text book of renowned authors and journals.

Engineering Physics Laboratory:

Enables experiments on thermal physics (thermal conductivity, determination of good and bad conductor), on thermoelectric effect (using a thermo couple), on general properties of matter, (coefficient of viscosity of a liquid, characterization of materials by determining their rigidity and young’s module etc) and some very important optical phenomena like interference, diffraction and dispersion are encountered through dark room experiments involving optical bench carrying Baptism, Newton’s ring setup, laser source along with diffraction grating and prig in-spectrometer. Experiments on electromagnetic effects include ballistic galvanometer set-up and Thomsor method (e/m) determination. Important fundamental constants of physics like Redbug constant (based on atomic transition), Stefan’s Constant (based on black-body radiation, Plank’s constant (based on Einstein’s photoelectric effect) can also be studied. Some additional equipment using semiconductor for band gap determination and Hall co-efficient determination, Lande’g factor determination set-up, Frank-Hertz experimental setup fiber optic communication set up and de-electric constant determination set up are also used to the students for experimental verification.


Engineering Chemistry:
The division of engineering chemistry with a team of highly qualified and experienced lab assistants, text books and journals in good numbers are available to each and every student. Students have to attend both theory and practical classes as per the prescribed syllabus of WBUT. Students can consult their academic problems individually with the faculty members. For practical classes sufficient apparatus, reagents and scientifically designed large space are available for each student in the laboratory. The laboratory is arranged according to the state-of-the-art technology. Class tests, unit tests and viva voce examinations are held at regular intervals to benchmarks the students and aid them in further improvement.

Engineering Chemistry Laboratory:
Practical knowledge is essential for not only to grow interest for the subject concern but also it helps the students to have a complete idea about the subject. Keeping this into consideration WBUT has introduced Engineering Chemistry Laboratory in their curriculum. With same view GIMT has established a well equipped Engineering Chemistry Laboratory for 1st year B.Tech students. In this laboratory the student acquire knowledge of fundamental wet chemistry practical and some other instrumental analysis which helps them to grow their interest in the project of engineering chemistry and at the same time this knowledge helps them a lot in their future professional life. As per WBUT syllabus 1st year B.Tech students have 10 experiments in their Engineering Chemistry Practical curriculum and according to the guideline mentioned in the syllabus students have to complete minimum 6 experiments. The laboratory is well equipped with a separate balance room for weighing purpose; apart from the arrangement for normal wet chemical analysis, all the instruments like pH meter, conductivity meter, Ostwald viscometer etc. are available in the Chemistry laboratory to help the students to conduct all the instrumental analysis given in the syllabus. At the end we would like to convey that, we are proud to state that we have established a setup to conduct all the 10 experiments given in the WBUT syllabus and we are not allowing our students to complete less than 8 experiments in their practical session.

English Language Laboratory:
Good communication skills are indispensable for the success of any professional. Communication in the English language, in particular, has become essential in the lives of young people who aspire to advance their careers anywhere in the world. But language learning is not the same as learning any other subject. It is not confined to writing an examination and getting a degree or award. The four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking have to be practiced and thereby acquired. Being able to communicate well is the most important factor while seeking a placement in a company or Institution. GIMT always keeps this fact in mind and that’s why GIMT has taken good care of having a well-equipped English Language Laboratory to enhance the students’ communication skill and soft skills to make them industry-ready. The English Language Laboratory plays the most important role in this language learning process. It is required of any learner to have a good command of the language for communication purposes, with clarity and accuracy being vital for effective and efficient communication. What helps one to acquire such proficiency in a language is listening to the language minutely. So, first of all, we take special care of building the students’ habit of listening to English language which is so different from their mother tongue and the surrounding atmosphere. We have 31 computers with Headphones. We play English speaking tracks and let the students listen to them. The language laboratory is very useful for assessing students' speech. Our English Language Laboratory provides students with the technical tools to get the best samples of pronunciation of the language. The electronic devices such as different audio-visual aids used in the laboratory will stimulate the eyes and ears of the learner to acquire the language quickly and easily. We also provide the students with enough scope of reading easy English texts, so that they may build up their English vocabulary with the sense of properly using them. Intensive emphasis is also given to enhancing the students’ writing skill, so that the students can fulfil their own daily needs of writing. This includes writing simple letters to technical reports. We believe that with the efficiency achieved from the Language Laboratory, the GIMT students will find it easy to accommodate themselves in the present dynamic corporate scenario and will contribute invariably. To facilitate more, we have a provision for special Communication classes right from the beginning (1st year 1st semester) apart from our regular classes of the curriculum. Special attention is also given to Soft Skills development and Interview Techniques through special sessions on Grooming and Mock Interviews.

At the English Language Laboratory we deliver the following:

  • Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills through Learner Soft Software
  • Listening Sub-skills through audio and video aids
  • Reading Sub-skills through Interesting reading material from net and newspaper
  • Daily Newspaper reading habit and pasting of news clipping in the Laboratory Book
  • Technical Report Writing and other Communicative writing Skills like Letters, Proposals, Emails
  • Speaking through Group Discussion, Presentation and Role Play & Simulation
  • Creative Story Telling and other interesting Group activities
  • Group Discussion learning & practice through audio and video aids and live examples
  • Corporate Presentation Technique through Power Point Presentation and necessary video aids
  • Telephonic and Body Language etiquettes
  • Interview Techniques and Grooming with special attention to Dress Code and Body Language

Faculty Strength 
Established in 2009, as one among the other core departments of Global Institute of Management & Technology, the Applied Science & Humanities Department is the largest one. The department has four main streams, namely: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English. Apart from these courses, there are Values and Ethics in Profession, Economics for Engineers, Principles of Management etc. Our Department is backed by 12 well-educated, talented and dedicated faculty members to fulfill this task. In addition to the primary teaching duties discharged by them, many of them have their publications in National as well as International Journals of repute for attaining perfection in their profession. The subjects taught by teachers of this department are of prime importance for all round growth and development of students. Teachers are always ready to guide their students whenever they are being approached. Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities offers Applied Sciences and Humanities Courses as prescribed by the curriculum of the University not only in the 1st year of Engineering programmes, but also in the 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8thSemesters. So, there is a strong need to build a strong foundation for the prospective and promising Engineers. We are proud to declare that the Department is successfully carrying the mission to create and disseminate knowledge and tools in intellectual areas at the interfaces between areas of engineering and other core areas of Applied Sciences and Humanities. It will keep on striving for excellence and perfection.

Teaching Process: 
There is a great emphasis on core fundamental in classroom and examinations are designed to test the applicability of these fundamentals in real life situation. Course work is augmented by seminars, presentations and course projects to teach the depth of understanding of subject.

List of Faculties
Sl No Name Designation E-mail ID Photo
1 Dr. Nasreen Khan Assistant Professor & HOD
2 Mr. Prantik Sinha Roy Assistant Professor
3 Mr. Amit Kumar Das Assistant Professor
4 Mr. Pradip Paul Assistant Professor
5 Mr. Aniruddha Roy Assistant Professor
6 Mr. Nirmal Paul Assistant Professor
7 Mr. Prasenjit Bhattacharjee Assistant Professor
8 Labanya Ray Mukherjee Assistant Professor
9 Mrs.Moutusi Sarkar Assistant Professor
10 DR.SUJIT KUMAR DEY Associate Professor

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