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Concrete Technology Lab This lab relates to different tests conducted with different properties of concrete & their ingredients such as fine aggregate(sand),coarse aggregate(stone chips),cement etc. Almost 15 different tests are covered in a semester with lot of care that the students can conceptualize the practical aspects & implementation of theory.

Geotechnical & Soil Mechanics   
This lab consists of lot of apparatus for conducting different tests on the different engineering properties of soils such as Atterberg limits, Shear strength, Permeability, compaction, consolidation etc. All these tests are conducted in two semesters in second & third academic year.

Fluid Mechanics


This is a highly organized lab that consists with a bunch of equipment such as V-notch, Rectangular-notch, Venturi-meter, apparatus for determining of hydraulic co-efficient etc) for conducting the different tests of fluid mechanics which is a branch of continuum mechanics.
Applied Mechanics  Lab This course introduces students to the fundamental principles and methods of structural mechanics. Topics covered in this lab are stresses & strain in structural element, impact test, states of stress (shear, bending,  torsion), stiffness test etc.
Survey Lab Having a lot of items of modern day survey equipment (Total Station, Theodolite, Auto level, Dumpy level, Plane table survey set up etc.)  the survey lab of Civil Dept. is quite capable of doing the different type of field survey works that can helped the students to be accustomed with the principle of Surveying & its practice.


Engg. Lab
The environmental engg. Lab is consists of different tests of water quality & of its different parameters (ph, turbidity, BOD, COD, bacteriological analysis, chlorine test etc.).The lab equipment is continuously upgraded and updated to ensure that our students are exposed to the most recent and advanced systems.
Highway Engg.
Highway engg. Laboratory is involved with various tests on the bitumen (Marshall test, ductility, flash & fire point, softening point etc.) & aggregates used on highway pavement (abrasion test, CBR test, impact test etc.).

Geology Lab
Geology lab of civil Dept. is enriched with a huge collection of various types of Rocks & Rock forming Minerals that the students can be grown up by idea about the basic components of geological aspects in civil engineering. The lab is also consists with models of structural geology’s elements & various types of crystals & lot of microscopes for the internal study of rocks.  
Design & Drawing
This lab consists of the infrastructure that is introduced to the basic engineering drawing & the civil drawing which is the pillar of Civil engineering. The drawing room is large enough that it can be possible to entertain almost 100 students at a time on their drawing works.  


Aided Drawing)

This is the digital laboratory of civil engineering Dept. which consists of the advanced version drawing and design software introduced to the students. In third & final academic year they are learned about the basic idea & using of Autocad, Matlab, Staad-pro etc.




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