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Central Computing Laboratory:

Computing Laboratory is one of key foundation laboratories where the basic computation and its application areas are focused. There are more than 60 computers connected in LAN in the well furnished basic computing laboratory. The computers are preloaded with Windows XP, 7 operating system and Turbo C compiler. The main objective of this laboratory is to provide C and Data Structure programming and programming with Numerical analysis facilities. Some machines are providing with ANSI-C compiler under Linux platform.

List of Program facility:

ü  Basic C Program practice

ü  Numerical program practice

ü  C++ program practice

ü  Java program practice

ü  Visual Basic project practice


DBMS & Operating system Laboratory:

DBMS laboratory runs oracle 10G under Enterprise, Windows 7 platform with more than 35 computers, all connected by Ethernet 10/100 MBPS links and a part of GIMT campus LAN. Web-based Online Examination System, Accounting System, Students Fees Collection System, Examination Research Maintaining System are in the process of being operationalize. Distributed Database Management oriented programming as per WBUT syllabus is also done by the students in this laboratory.

List of Program facility:

ü  DBMS Lab practice

ü  Operating System Lab practice

ü  Project-I & Project-II practice

ü  Seminar preparation & presentation

ü  Data Structure program practice

ü  Object Oriented program practice


Software Engineering & Networking Laboratory:

Various type of digital circuits related to computer architecture are experimented on with necessary inputs. The laboratory is equipped with different types of ICs, Bread Boards, Signal Generators and Oscilloscopes etc,; experiments including design and implementation of different types of circuits like 7 segments display, Adder, ALU design etc. are carried out in the laboratory.


List of Program facility:

ü  Software Engg. Lab(Implementations of various phases of SDLC Model )

ü  Design Lab

ü  AI (PROLOG) Lab practice

ü  Computer Networking Lab practice

ü  Verilog program practice




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