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hostelHostellers in Global Institute of Management and Technology live a sheltered life. The hostel superintendent and his assistants is the mentor who takes care of the hostellers’ physical and psychological well being as well as their intellectual excellence. We believe in a blend of warm, cozy and homely atmosphere- a home away from home, together with comfort and luxury. When students walk through the lawns of the Global Institute of Management and Technology, it will take a while to let go of the college uniforms and settle down. The residents enjoy latest state-of-the art facilities. The rooms are furnished with bed , study table, bookshelf and a cupboard.Each floor has a study room, an entertainment/recreational room with TV and DVD player. Facilities for hot and cold water are also available. Round the clock water supply and security are provided. The hostels are well ventilated and equipped with latest fire fighting devices and buildings adhere to safety norms and are seismic resistant. The hostel superintendent and assistant superintendents supervise the extra individual care and concern so needed for the all-round development of the students.

Meals are served in the separate Dining Hall under the supervision of the canteen manager. Breakfast, lunch, evening tea and supper are served daily. An experienced canteen manager ensures that sterile, nourishing, wholesome and calorific foods fills the hungry young stomachs.

For the wonderful moments of respite, the college cafeteria has in its menu all hot, healthy and nutritious recipes, beverages, shakes for students, faculty and staff. Located just beside the boy’s hostel, the cafeteria serves from the morning and at all break times.


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