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Practical knowledge is essential not only to grow interest for the concerned subject but also it helps the students to have a complete idea about the subject. Keeping this into consideration WBUT has introduced Engineering Physics and Chemistry Laboratory in their curriculum. With same view GIMT has established a well-equipped Engineering Physics and Chemistry Laboratory for theB.Tech and Diploma Engineering students. In these laboratories the students acquire knowledge of fundamental Physics and Chemistry practical and some other instrumental analysis which helps them to grow their interest in the subject of engineering Physics and Chemistry and at the same time helps them a lot in their future professional life.


There are three separate Physics Laboratory rooms in the Department: Two Lab rooms for 1st year and 3rd year B.Tech students and one specifically meant for the Diploma Engineering students. Apart from the basic experiments, Engineering Physics Lab has separate Dark room for performing optics related experiments. Major equipment in the Physics Laboratory includes:


  •          Newton Ring Microscope
  •          Ultrasonic Interferometer
  •          Spectrometer for study of diffraction of light
  •          Complete set for Hall Effect Experiment
  •          Michelson Interferometer
  •          Set for experiment based on Laser


The College has also a spacious chemistry lab. The objective of the lab is to expose the students to the fundamentals of Engineering Chemistry. This lab is well equipped with various types of digital instruments like:

  •          pH meter
  •     Conductometer
  •     Electrical balance etc.
  •     The lab also has a Distillation plant,
  •      Refrigerator 


As per WBUT syllabus 1st year B.Tech students have 10 experiments in their Engineering Chemistry Practical curriculum and according to the guideline mentioned in the syllabus students have to complete minimum 6 experiments. The laboratory is well equipped with a separate balance room for weighing purpose; apart from the arrangement for normal wet chemical analysis, all the instruments like pH meter, conductivity meter, Ostwald viscometer etc. are available in the Chemistry laboratory to help the students to conduct all the instrumental analysis given in the syllabus. At the end we would like to convey that, we are proud to state that we have established a setup to conduct all the 10 experiments given in the WBUT syllabus and we are not allowing our students to complete less than 8 experiments in their practical session.    

English Language Laboratory:

Good communication skills are indispensable for the success of any professional. Communication in the English language, in particular, has become essential in the lives of young people who aspire to advance their careers anywhere in the world. But language learning is not the same as learning any other subject.  It is not confined to writing an examination and getting a degree or award.  The four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking have to be practiced and thereby acquired.  Being able to communicate well is the most important factor while seeking a placement in a company or institution. 

GIMT always keeps this fact in mind and that’s why GIMT has taken good care of having a well-equipped English Language Laboratory to enhance the students’ communication skill and soft skills to make them industry-ready. The English Language Laboratory plays the most important role in this language learning process. 

It is required of any learner to have a good command of the language for communication purposes, with clarity and accuracy being vital for effective and efficient communication.  What helps one to acquire such proficiency in a language is listening to the language minutely. So, first of all, we take special care of building the students’ habit of listening to English language which is so different from their mother tongue and the surrounding atmosphere. We have 31 computers with Headphones. We play English speaking tracks and let the students listen to them.

The language laboratory is very useful for assessing students' speech.  Our English Language Laboratory provides students with the technical tools to get the best samples of pronunciation of the language. The electronic devices such as different audio-visual aids used in the laboratory will stimulate the eyes and ears of the learner to acquire the language quickly and easily. 

 We also provide the students with enough scope of reading easy English texts, so that they may build up their English vocabulary with the sense of properly using them.      

 Intensive emphasis is also given to enhancing the students’ writing skill, so that the students can fulfill their own daily needs of writing. This includes writing simple letters to technical reports. We believe that with the efficiency achieved from the Language Laboratory, the GIMT students will find it easy to accommodate themselves in the present dynamic corporate scenario and will contribute invariably.


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