Vision & Mission

• To impart technical education blended with cutting-edge technological tools appropriate to Industry needs globally.
• To give practical insights and build confidence by exposing the students through in-plant training, projects & internships.
• To transform weak resolve, thought and education into value-based and dignified personality.

• To develop tech professionals with state-of-the-art technical know-how, good communication and interpersonal skills, who can compete successfully and position themselves in the global world of Industry, Academic and Research houses.
• Partnering with academic, industrial, professional and government entities to bridge the gap between demand and supply in a constructive socio-economic pattern.
• Prepare students to become exemplary engineering innovators who recognize needs, design solutions and engage in creative enterprises for making life easier for society at large and to achieve good personal growth.
• To produce quality manpower for higher education through interdisciplinary research for nation building.


Global Institute of Management & Technology (GIMT) is committed to impart “Quality Education & Training” and aims to be a global Institution through continual improvement. The Institute facilitates faculty & support staff to work as a team and update their knowledge & skills to match the global industrial and technological development through defined objectives. The quality policy is communicated and understood by all members within the institute and is reviewed for continuing suitability.

• Conformity to the regulatory requirements of AICTE, MAKAUT & Govt. Of West Bengal.
• Upgradation of teaching facilities through addition of teaching aids and equipment.
• Upgradation of faculty through enhancement of their knowledge by upgrading the academic qualification, interaction with industry, through seminars, Faculty Development Programmes, Educational visits etc.
• To measure students’ satisfaction level periodically through student feedback reports, student placements through campus interviews and overall success in university examinations.
• Monitoring quality management system to ensure earliest corrective action in the event of any non-conformity.
The management is committed to these quality objectives and also ensures that they are known, understood and implemented by all members of the Institute.


This code of ethics states the core values and ethical principles that every member of the Institute accepts as part of their membership and which underpin the profession. They support the Institute’s objectives of ensuring the highest possible professional standards in the current global scenario.

• We believe in the ability of the people who strive to change for the betterment and become responsible member of society.
• We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of the individual.
• We are committed to promoting social justice, social inclusion, equality and diversity.
• We believe in the worth of probation supervision in the community, based on establishing positive relationship with the society.
• We recognize the rights and needs of the students with planning of how they can be managed.
• We recognize the importance of training for identified levels of competence and of continuing professional development.
• We are committed to the development of knowledge, through research, to ensure the implementation of policy and practice.
• We are committed to acting with professional integrity.